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Alarm System Monitoring

  • Minimise your chances of becoming a victim of crime.
  • Guard against loss of assets or damage to property.
  • Ensure your family are protected.
  • Use a professional alarm monitoring service.

Why choose control room alarm system monitoring?

An alarm monitoring service can reduce the likelihood, as well as the extent to which the loss of valuables or damage to property, may result from criminal activity.

A reputable alarm monitoring service will initiate a timely response in the event that your home or business security alarm is activated. Whether your property is unoccupied, or inhabited by unsuspecting and potentially vulnerable family members, you can rest assured that you are never alone.

Guarded Security provide a comprehensive alarm and security system monitoring service that will utilise the full potential of your installed intruder alarm and video surveillance equipment.

Our back to base alarm monitoring control centre in Brisbane, operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The control room is operated by professional, fully trained staff, who will ensure that each and every event is responded to quickly and effectively.

The frequency at which break and enters, robberies with violence, home invasions, assaults and burglaries occur in Brisbane and the surrounding areas would come as a surprise most people.

Queensland Police statistics indicate there were around 37000 reported cases of unlawful entry alone, during the twelve months leading up to December of 2018.

In the event that an alarm is activated, control room staff will immediately initiate responses based upon information received from the installed alarm system control panel, in accordance with the instructions currently in place, as issued by you.

Control room staff can respond by contacting you, or any other person you so choose, send security patrol services to inspect the premises, or immediately notify Police. Monitoring staff can also provide video verification of events to customers whose alarm systems include CCTV, security cameras or video surveillance capability.

Alarm monitoring saves lives

Our monitoring services can initiate responses to medical emergencies resulting from accidents or illnesses occurring in the home. Activation of a silent duress or panic button alarm with a simple press of a button, may at times be critical to the timely dispatch of emergency response personnel including Police, Fire or Ambulance.

Alarm System Technology

There are numerous brands of alarm systems, video cameras, access control and theft prevention systems currently available in Brisbane. Guarded Security supply and install only the highest quality components that are both, reputable by brand and have a proven track record of reliability. We stand behind the products we sell, and guarantee your continued satisfaction with every installed access control, anti-theft, loss prevention or personal protection system.

Recently upgraded to the NBN service?

Guarded Security offer affordable alternatives to traditional landline and cable alarm system monitoring services.

Ask us today how piece of mind can be achieved with a Guarded Security alarm system monitoring service